[whatwg] Fullscreen

Anne van Kesteren annevk at opera.com
Tue Oct 4 08:40:48 PDT 2011

On Mon, 03 Oct 2011 18:52:24 +0200, Tantek Çelik <tantek at cs.stanford.edu>  
> Fullscreen is currently #2 in my queue after getting another LCWD of  
> CSS3-UI out.


> I've been incrementally editing on the wiki page you mentioned until  
> it's my primary focus.
> Feel free to make edits to the wiki if there are particular aspects you  
> want to improve or raise as issues.

Thanks, will do.

> Either way, though I sympathize with the desire to get rid of prefixes,  
> there are other aspects (besides spec (re)formatting/massaging from wiki  
> to W3C WD) that need more help if prefix-removal is your primary goal,  
> e.g. we don't have a Fullscreen test suite nor even someone to  
> curate/coordinate the creation of one - is that something you'd be  
> available to help with?

I'm (and Opera is too) primarily interested in getting a somewhat more  
formal specification. I'm willing to help out with writing tests, but I  
have no ideas on how to test this in an automated way (apart from simple  
IDL tests).

Anne van Kesteren

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