[whatwg] IBM864 mapping of Encoding Standard

Makoto Kato m_kato at ga2.so-net.ne.jp
Thu Apr 26 01:26:02 PDT 2012

(2012/04/24 15:48), Henri Sivonen wrote:
> Does the OS/2 port need it for interfacing with the system APIs? If
> the OS/2 port needs it for interfacing with the system APIs, can we
> stop exposing the encoding to the Web and can we stop building the
> IBM864 encoder/decoder on non-OS/2 platforms? I think it's a bad idea
> to vary the supported set of Web-exposed encodings by operating
> system.
> IIRC, some old Mac encodings that are still relevant for dealing with
> legacy fonts were hidden from Web content and UTF-7 was made
> mail-only.
> If OS/2 doesn't need it for system APIs, can we just remove the IBM864
> support altogether.

Gecko for OS/2 will use these IBM encodings via nsIPlatformCharset.  But 
this is Gecko's architecture issue, not web contents.

So I think that we can remove these encodings if non-OS/2, or use same 
way like legacy Mac and UTF-7.

> Is the AIX port still relevant? I thought 3.6 was the last version
> ported to AIX.

I doesn't know.

-- Makoto

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