[whatwg] API for unique identification of devices (mobile/tablet/pc)

Stan stasson at orc.ru
Fri Dec 14 01:19:40 PST 2012

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From: "Karl Dubost" <karld at opera.com>

>it doesn't mean they are unhappy about it. Or more exactly that a fraction of them can even look for such a feature.

In most cases ordinary users (not geeks) can not think of a feature, before software developers provide it to them.

>> Second, user accounts are based on e-mails as a rule, which is not unique at all, every user can have multiple e-mails and 
>> multiple registrations.
>which is a feature, not a bug. Professional account, personal account, cooking-club account, etc.
Who should decide this for a specific web-service? Apparently web-service knows better is it possible to
have multiplicate accounts or not.

>> Many web-services struggle against users' reputation spoofing made via such fake accounts.
>That's a different issue.
No. This is related issue.

>> Multiple browser profiles on the same device do not matter, because the same device ID will be returned.
>In some countries, in Asia and Africa, a single device can be used by multiple people. Internet cafes
> are another use cases. And shiny tablets can be also for one family.
I know. In some cases a single e-mail is used by several persons, so what?

>device != user != web service
This is true, but this is not a reason for not providing a device ID.

>> The main point, if device ID could be available it would provide more great possibilities for users and web-services.
>And it would create big challenges in usability and privacy.
These problem are already here. Device ID will add a new (optional) tool to help in solving them.

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