[whatwg] Quirks Mode Standard

Simon Pieters simonp at opera.com
Thu Feb 9 06:51:42 PST 2012


Today I started working on a spec for quirks mode. I used  
https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Mozilla_Quirks_Mode_Behavior as a  
starting point. The draft is here:


It is very likely that more quirks need to be added, but as I went through  
the list I was surprised about how many of them were *not* widely  
implemented across browsers, and so may not be needed for Web compat and  
can be dropped.

I'm happy for the spec to be moved somewhere, and I can volunteer to edit  
it, but I can't promise to spend a lot of time on it.

It would be useful if browser implementors could review the draft,  
consider dropping quirks, give feedback about quirks that can't be  
dropped, and consider aligning with other implementations for quirks that  
are here to stay.

Simon Pieters
Opera Software

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