[whatwg] [Selectors4] case-insensitive attribute value matching (in XML)

Leif Halvard Silli xn--mlform-iua at xn--mlform-iua.no
Sat Jan 21 07:23:31 PST 2012

Ian Hickson on Fri Jan 20 14:31:01 PST 2012:
> On Tue, 26 Jul 2011, Christoph Päper wrote:
>> Anne van Kesteren:
>> > I'm still trying to get HTML and browsers to change so that attribute 
>> > values always match case-sensitively, irrespective of markup language. 
>> > The current magic attribute list in HTML whose values needs to be 
>> > matched ASCII case-insensitively is just ugly.

> The spec changed recently in response to Anne's efforts here. If this is 
> an area of interest, I encourage you to study the specification to see if 
> the current requirements are satisfactory.

The matching rule for attribute names and element names, [1] doesn't 
match reality, see demo: [2]

* Gecko uses ASCII case-insensitive matching (as specced by HTML5)
* Trident/Webkit/Presto use Unicode caseless matching (variant).
  (Legacy Firefox 3.6 behave like Trident/Webkit/Presto too.)

The differences affect @data-* and @x-* (and other extensions). 
Shouldn't spec match Trident/WEbkit/Presto?

[1] http://dev.w3.org/html5/spec/links#case-sensitivity
[2] http://software.hixie.ch/utilities/js/live-dom-viewer/saved/1307
Leif Halvard Silli

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