[whatwg] Hardware accelerated canvas

Mark Callow callow_mark at hicorp.co.jp
Tue Sep 4 10:22:50 PDT 2012

On 12/09/04 10:02, David Geary wrote:
> Sure, but those use cases will be in the minority, and we're already
> talking about a very rare occurrence in the first place, so the odds of a
> very expensive regeneration on a lost context must be near Lotto levels.

It is not a rare occurrence on mobile devices. On my tablet WebGL app's
lose their context every time the tablet goes to sleep. Since the
timeout is so short, it only take a brief distraction and "poof!" the
tablet is asleep. The loss can happen while the application is in the
middle of drawing the canvas. 



P.S. Why do so many threads on whatwg get forked? My threaded message
viewer is now showing 3 threads with the title "Hardware accelerated

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