[whatwg] Request: Implementing a Geo Location URI Scheme

Peter Occil poccil14 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 7 09:08:49 PDT 2013

Just to clarify:

Are you requesting to have the "geo" protocol be handled by the browser 
without requiring users to install additional software, and without 
websites to register the protocol in advance?

I assume by "out of the box" you mean that as soon as you install the 
and type a "geo" URL the browser will handle the "geo" protocol itself, 
by displaying a browser-specific Web page for that "geo" URL. Am I right?

I have no opinion on whether your proposal is good or not.

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You are completely right, but in the tests I made on Chrome the "geo" URI
handler can't be used with the "registerProtocolHandler" call, it throws a
security error and the use of geo location URI it is not included as a
"recommendation" or "good practice" when we talk about the markup, so it is
not a technical thing, it is more an idea that could be included in further
discussions between web browsers developers, map app developers and the
users so everyone adopt the idea of having the geo URI scheme adopted as an
standard, I'm quite sure this idea can help a lot of users and web
developers to give a better user experience and it is more important that
many other things, it will make the life of users a lot easier.

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