[whatwg] Request: Implementing a Geo Location URI Scheme

Rodrigo Polo rodrigo.polo at gmail.com
Sun Jun 9 23:49:27 PDT 2013

By "out of the box" I mean that just as it happens when you click an anchor
with the "mailto", the browser ask you (desktop browsers) to choose which
app to use (some times with recomendations), I know this is the current
state but there some requirements to work well, first doing some testing
and research I have found that most desktop browsers don't know what to do
and don't recognize the protocol and don't recommend any app to open it, it
should understand and recommend a map app.

The main reason to write to this list is to promote the idea and
a mainstream adoption of the idea to use the "geo" like we use the "mailto"
so it becomes something natural can work on any platform and app that use

I know that this group can have a direct impact on most of the well known
web browsers on the desktop and mobile arena, again I ask you to imagine
the impact of a well adopted "geo" URI and all the possibilities that gives
to the final user.

On Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 10:08 AM, Peter Occil <poccil14 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Just to clarify:
> Are you requesting to have the "geo" protocol be handled by the browser
> itself,
> without requiring users to install additional software, and without
> requiring
> websites to register the protocol in advance?
> I assume by "out of the box" you mean that as soon as you install the
> browser
> and type a "geo" URL the browser will handle the "geo" protocol itself,
> perhaps
> by displaying a browser-specific Web page for that "geo" URL. Am I right?
> I have no opinion on whether your proposal is good or not.
> --Peter
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> You are completely right, but in the tests I made on Chrome the "geo" URI
> handler can't be used with the "registerProtocolHandler" call, it throws a
> security error and the use of geo location URI it is not included as a
> "recommendation" or "good practice" when we talk about the markup, so it is
> not a technical thing, it is more an idea that could be included in further
> discussions between web browsers developers, map app developers and the
> users so everyone adopt the idea of having the geo URI scheme adopted as an
> standard, I'm quite sure this idea can help a lot of users and web
> developers to give a better user experience and it is more important that
> many other things, it will make the life of users a lot easier.

Rodrigo J. Polo

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