[whatwg] font security on measureText

Boris Zbarsky bzbarsky at MIT.EDU
Fri Jun 7 19:31:11 PDT 2013

On 6/7/13 7:08 PM, Ian Hickson wrote:
> If browsers align on the above text the HTML spec indeed would no longer
> need to worry about this, since there'd no longer be any cross-origin
> fonts. Has this occurred?

No, though they have all in principle agreed that they plan to when they 
didn't object to the spec... it's not like it's a surprise, and has been 
the source of a good bit of discussion in the CSSWG.

> (Personally I don't really see why we'd limit this to same-origin and
> CORS-cross-origin only.

I suggest doing some background reading on that, then?  Again, it's been 
discussed to death.


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