[whatwg] Proposal:Improve internationalization in the autocomplete attribute

Ian Hickson ian at hixie.ch
Mon Jun 17 17:30:50 PDT 2013

On Mon, 17 Jun 2013, Albert Bodenhamer wrote:
> > >
> > > Problem: It might be desirable to be able to specify that a physical 
> > > address (an actual location) is expected rather than a mailing 
> > > address (eg a PO box).
> The intent is that if the site needs a physical address it can specify 
> that in the request.  For example, if a shipper can't do PO box, singing 
> telegrams, etc.  I think this is something the user should be able to 
> decide from context when selecting an address, but having extra 
> constraints would be convenient.

In principle I agree, but I don't understand how this would work in 
practice. How would the UA find out that a particular address was or was 
not a physical address?

We do already have "shipping" and "billing" addresses, for what it's 
worth. Also, note that the distinction between "physical" and "mailing" 
addresses is kind of fuzzy -- I know of physical addresses that UPS can 
ship to, but USPS cannot (or will not) deliver to; addresses that are true 
PO boxes but that appear (and act) like physical addresses (e.g. UPS can 
ship to them, their address doesn't mention "PO BOX" on it); addresses 
that are not PO boxes where USPS can deliver packages and letters but 
where UPS cannot (or at least not reliably); and so on. And let's not talk 
about special cases like military mail.

> > I'd much rather just drop the detailed sections entirely. People 
> > really shouldn't be using them, in any region.
> Sounds good to me.  I haven't seen anyone wanting to break things apart 
> yet.  We can discuss further if someone has an actual use case.

When I suggested it before, the argument that was made was that a lot of 
sites do split the fields up in the US, and the strong recommendation 
that people use the single fields was the compromise we reached. I've left 
the fields in for now.

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