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Dirk Schulze dschulze at adobe.com
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> Thinking more about this discussion, I had an idea for an approach that
> would avoid such future clashes all together:
> Instead of exposing constructors, why not simply expose the methods that
> create them?
> There already are such functions for gradients:
> ctx.createRadialGradient()
> ctx.createLinearGradient()
> Wouldn't it have been more aligned with this existing API also to have a
> ctx.createPath() ?

The SVG WG would like to start using the 'Path' object for its objects as
well. We'd like this to be a generic object that can be used by other parts
of the web platform.
It would be strange to require a canvas context just to create pathh.

I'd like to again say I don't think this thing should be called Path. Lots of other things have "Paths", like maps, file systems, urls, why does the drawing one get to take the global namespace?

Given that there's a bunch of new objects with Drawing as the prefix, I think we should name this DrawingPath like DrawingStyle and friends.



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