[whatwg] Supporting more address levels in autocomplete

Jukka K. Korpela jkorpela at cs.tut.fi
Mon Feb 24 04:00:07 PST 2014

2014-02-22 3:03, Ian Hickson wrote:

> (Note that a lot of people in the UK have no idea how to write their
> address according to current standards. For example, people often include
> the county, give the "real" town rather than the "post town", put things
> out of order, indent each line of the address, etc.)

The phenomenon is probably not limited to the UK. Few people even know 
the current standards (national and international).

I think it would be more important to have the option of using less 
address levels, rather than more.

Some fine-grained control for naming different components of an address 
are undoubtedly useful at times. It would be even more useful to have a 
common, "standard" name for just an address. That is, whatever someone 
wants the sender to put in an envelope. Its internal structure does not 
matter, as long as it works, and as usual, it is up to the recipient to 
specify the address in a manner that works.

Forms that require the user to split his address to small pieces may 
have their reasons. But if you just want to have an address to send 
stuff to, then all you need is a working postal address. A textarea 
with, say, name="postal", if used on different pages, would then let the 
user enter his entire address very simply, after just once typing it.

Probably "postal" should be specified so that it relates to a postal 
address that is complete for delivery except the recipient name. The 
reason is that the name is so often asked separately


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