[whatwg] 'hidden' as resources control (Was: Simplified <picture> element draft)

Bruno Racineux bruno at hexanet.net
Fri Jan 24 20:13:56 PST 2014

On 1/24/14 7:37 PM, "Qebui Nehebkau" <qebui.nehebkau+whatwg at gmail.com>

>On Fri, Jan 24, 2014 at 9:09 PM, Bruno Racineux <bruno at hexanet.net> wrote:
>> The requirement for ATs with 'hidden' is to access the structure of
>> elements. Not the presentation aspect... I am having a hard time
>> translating that a resources that is "not yet needed or is no longer
>> needed" means that it should load immediately *regardless*.
>That seems like it should be up to the user, and, thus, the user
>agent, yes?
This is not about user-agents. Not sure what you are getting at...

>The question of whether and what to preload strikes me as
>very much contingent on the priorities and circumstances of individual
>users, and obviously not at all the authors' business. I find the
>entire subject of specifying how user agents should preload completely
>misguided. Shouldn't this, if *anything*, be open for innovation?

What exactly do you find misguided, can you be more specific?

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