[whatwg] Popular Background Geolocation question on StackOverflow

Roger Hågensen rh_whatwg at skuldwyrm.no
Sat Mar 31 00:30:54 PDT 2018

On 2018-03-25 09:08, Richard Maher wrote:
>> Splitting things into a whole bunch of APIs and then trying to get permissions working for all of them 
>> is going to be a huge pain IMO.
> There is no "going to be" Roger. You are not embarking on a green-field 
> development or brain-storming "The Web". We are where we are. I don't 
> care if people want to change things but it is DEFINITELY out-of-scope 
> for the Background Geolocation implementation.

I was a unaware you where the moderator of the Background Geolocation 
specs or similar. In that case my apologies, I had no intention of 
pushing things into the specs that do not belong there (it's bad enough 
in politics).

But I don't understand what you mean by "We are where we are" or why you 
are against brain storming and I had to lookup the greenfield term but I 
am unsure if you mean untapped market, new software projects, 
undeveloped land or if you are referring to an area in Manchester (yes 
I'm being an asshat on that last one).

I'm also unsure if you are being sarcastic or are actually trying to 
dictate what I should or should not do. If you are upset that things 
veered off topic then I'm sorry about that.

To me it looks like you want a commercial backend solution for Uber or 
Dominos or similar (not end users). Surely these can run apps on tablets 
or smartphones? Browsers are pretty good but for operational software 
you want reliability and a consumer browser despite the amazing efforts 
of the developers so far is not that stable yet. If "always on in the 
background" is key to a business then a OS run background service is 
exactly what is needed.

If you need certain functionality implemented and your project is 
waiting on this then I suggest you make a OS native app instead before 
your competitors sale past you.

Looking through the WHATWG history I do not like what I see so I'm going 
to stop communicating regarding this topic, and most likely future 
topics by you, you come across as excessively abrasive and I'd rather 
not have to deal with that. You've said in the past that you felt you 
have been stifled or censored by others, well now you have succeeded in 
stifling me. I'm having difficulties communicating with you, I can't 
even imagine trying to work on code or standards implementations with you.

Unless specified otherwise, anything I write publicly is considered 
Public Domain (CC0). My opinions are my own unless specified otherwise.
Roger Hågensen,
Freelancer, Norway.

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