[html5] XHTML5 validator: Polyglot: works as both HTML and XHTML

J David Eisenberg jdavid.eisenberg at gmail.com
Sat Aug 14 14:01:52 PDT 2010

On Mon, Aug 2, 2010 at 5:15 AM, Henri Sivonen <hsivonen at iki.fi> wrote:
> On Jul 8, 2010, at 08:01, Henri Sivonen wrote:
>> On Jul 7, 2010, at 09:45, J David Eisenberg wrote:
>>> On the page at http://validator.nu/, I'm not sure what this setting is
>>> supposed to do.
>> The polyglot option is there in anticipation of patches that haven't been contributed (yet at least). I should remove the UI since the feature doesn't actually do what it says.
>> Sorry about the premature addition of the UI.
> The UI is now gone.
> Sorry about letting the UI ahead of full back end implementation cause confusion for so long.
> In case anyone is wondering about the future of the feature: This doesn't change what I have previously said about accepting patches to the back end. However, patches for restoring the UI are now explicitly unwelcome until the back end works.
> --
> Henri Sivonen
> hsivonen at iki.fi
> http://hsivonen.iki.fi/

I've been looking at the code and trying some things. Changing various
settings for XmlViolationPolicy doesn't seem to help. I'm now looking
at generateImpliedEndTags() in
htmlparser/src/nu/validator/htmlparser/impl/TreeBuilder.java; since
XHTML doesn't have implied end tags, would this be a place to give an
error for polyglot documents?

It seems also that EMPTY_ATTRIBUTENAMES in HtmlAttributes.java is
another place where patches have to go.

Am I even looking in the right places?

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