[html5] Multiple Canvas objects in one Page

Tatham Oddie tatham at oddie.com.au
Wed May 5 18:22:59 PDT 2010

This is a pretty open ended question, with the answer dependent upon exactly
what you're rendering into the canvas and each of the browser's


IE9 is definitely targeting hardware accelerated rendering, however they
only have SVG support and not canvas.


FF have been showing some hardware acceleration, however I'm not sure what
areas they are focussing this on.


I have no idea about WebKit's (Chrome + Safari) progress in this area.




Tatham Oddie

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I would like to know that if create 10 - 12 separate canvas in one page will
the browser work properly. Each canvas will have one complex animated layer
for a dashboard kind of thing. Does HTML 5 and browsers like Firefox, Google
Chrome, Safari support multiple canvas in one page without any performance

Saurabh Jain
SKJ Technologies Private Limited
Author : Mobile Phone Programming using Java ME (J2ME)

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