[html5] HTML5 Audio Support Ready or Not?

Andrew Croce andrew.croce at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 11:56:16 PDT 2011

From what I understand the major concern is not so much whether native html5 audio is good or bad, but to what extent different browsers are supporting it. I cannot speak to the problem of audio quality, and I suspect that these issues will be sorted out in due time. In my opinion the problem right now is that there are three main formats (ogg, mp3, and wav) and different browsers support different ones. Currently I believe Chrome is the only one that supports all three.

If you end up using it, right now wav format is probably the safest, with fallback support for flash or qt or direct download.

My 2 cents,
Andrew Croce

On Aug 21, 2011, at 11:44 AM, msacks <ntwrkd at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi List,
> I was recently told that HTML5 audio support is not very good.
> Although I haven't tested this for myself I always like to support
> opinion with data and facts.
> Results on Google for articles on the subject aren't all that
> prolific, perhaps I am using the wrong query. I did find this:
> http://www.phoboslab.org/log/2011/03/the-state-of-html5-audio
> My question is for those of the opinion that HTML5 audio support isn't
> "very good", I'd like to know in comparison to what?
> Also, are there any articles citing an opinion for or against HTML5 Audio?
> More importantly, to those working on the specifications on this list,
> what is your experience with this.
> NOTE: I may end up using some quotes from this discussion for an
> article to be published on thebitsource com.
> Thank you,
> @msacks
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