[html5] "Block" and "inline"

Micky Hulse mickyhulse.lists at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 15:19:17 PDT 2011


Just looking for clarification on the below two paragraphs taken from
the book "HTML 5 for Web Designers":



Previous flavors of markup divided elements into two categories:
inline and block. HTML5 uses a more fine- grained approach, dividing
elements into a wider range of categories.

Inline elements now have a content model of “text-level semantics.”
Many block level elements now fall under the banner of “grouping
content”: paragraphs, list items, divs, and so on. Forms have their
own separate content model. Images, audio, video, and canvas are all
“embedded content.” The new structural elements introduce a completely
new content model called “sectioning content.”


Am I the only one that finds the above two paragraphs confusing? I
would love some clarification.

Does the above translate to this(?):

Inline = Text-level semantics
Block = Grouping content
Images, audio, video, and canvas = Embeded content

Can I still call things block and inline?

Sorry if stupid question(s)... I just want to be sure I am using the
right lingo when talking about HTML5. :)

Thanks so much!


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