[html5] Google Chrome video playback speed problems

Norman Fournier norman at normanfournier.com
Tue Nov 13 19:02:31 PST 2012


I have been using jPlayer successfully to play video for a while with great results. I use QuickTimePro7 or Ogg Drop X to format the ogv files. Recently the files play fine on my desktop but when viewed in Google Chrome either locally or on web they play back faster than they should. See the videos two thirds f the way down the page at http://www.thehalcyoncore.com for an example. This happens in the other instances where these videos are installed.

I downloaded and reinstalled Chrome, with no success. I then cleared out users/library/ applicationsupport/google/chrome and reinstalled a new download of Chrome, again with no success.

Has anyone encountered this?

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