[whatwg] RE: Degrading of web applications

Chris Were chris.were at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 00:59:17 PDT 2004

> > A particular web application that is designed entirely
> > around the functionality provided by XMLHR would have no requirement
> > to degrade nicely. Any degradation and it becomes useless as all its
> > functionality and content is provided through javascript.
> That's just ridiculous, if any application has a requirement to
> degrade nicely, then just saying "this application uses javascript so
> doesn't have to"
That's not what i'm saying...

> isn't something I can agree with I'm afraid.  web
> applications provide functionality the implementation details are
> irrelevant to the importance of degradability.
No, implementation details *can be* (generally aren't) important.
Remember I'm talking about a specific example not all web
applications. The example i'm highlighting is an implementation
completely through javascript. As such if a browser doesn't support JS
it can not use the application. There is no meaning or point of having
the site degrade to non-JS users as they can't use the thing.


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