[whatwg] A better name than <gauge> for the element that shows a measurement

Ric Hardacre whatwg at cycloid.f9.co.uk
Tue Mar 21 01:21:45 PST 2006

Lachlan Hunt wrote:
> Ian Hickson wrote:
>> So one of the HTML5 elements is <gauge>:
>>    Relevancy: <gauge>70%</gauge>
>> Unfortunately, the study Google did on Web authors showed that authors 
>> cannot spell the word "language", and I see no reason to believe that 
>> they might spell "gauge" either.
> But unlike the almost entirely useless "language" attribute, gauge will 
> actually have a noticeable result in future browsers and so if it's 
> typed incorrectly, the author would not see the result and, hopefully, 
> go and fix it.  Whereas if they mistype language, they won't notice the 
> error until they validate.

i second this, being English i have gotten used to American spellings, 
such as color (and in terms of quake modding: armor), which means my 
kids are going to get into some serious bother when they get to spelling 
classes at school :-) but if i can do that I'm sure i can learn to spell 
guage as, er, gauge.

will throw in my alternative anyway:


Ric Hardacre

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