[whatwg] A better name than <gauge> for the element that shows a measurement

fantasai fantasai.lists at inkedblade.net
Tue Mar 21 08:53:43 PST 2006

Christoph Paeper wrote:
> I'm not a native speaker and would have written it correctly. OTOH I 
> never would have imagined the alleged AE spelling 'gage' [LEO], because 
> I would pronounce that completely different: /gO:Z/ vs. /geIdZ/ [SAMPA].

I pronounce it "gayj". So do most of the civil engineers I know.

As for spelling, I'm likely to use "gage" for e.g. "22-gage steel deck",
but I'm inclined to use "gauge" for "fuel gauge". But that's just me.


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