[whatwg] Semantic use of the <font> element

David Walbert dwalbert at learnnc.org
Thu Apr 12 16:14:56 PDT 2007

On Apr 12, 2007, at 5:24 PM, Nicholas Shanks wrote:

> My content goes something like this:
> <span style="font-family:Helvetica">This is a sample of Helvetica</ 
> span><br>
> <span style="font-family:Arial">This is a sample of Arial</span>

If the sense of the text absolutely depends on its being displayed in  
a particular font, might it be better to display it in an image?  
Helvetica and Arial are on almost every computer, but an image would  
leave no doubt, and since the content is, essentially, the visual  
representation of itself, an image would seem to me to be  
semantically appropriate.


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