[whatwg] Full screen for the <video> element

Martin Atkins mart at degeneration.co.uk
Thu Mar 22 08:18:45 PDT 2007

Arve Bersvendsen wrote:
 > Note that 'fullscreen' and 'fullscreen' are two different things:
 > 1. A fullscreen mode on desktop should typically be a paged media,
 > applying any 'projection' style sheets to the page
 > 2. The fullscreen mode on Sony Ericsson P990i, M600i and a number of
 > other UIQ phones still apply 'handheld' if existent, or 'screen' if so
 > set in the user's preferences. The 'fullscreen' mode on these devices
 > just happens to use all of your viewport, but it is not 'fullscreen'
 > in the sense you'd think.

As an Opera user I realise that this is already implemented and 
deployed, but I do think that taking "projection" to mean "fullscreen" 
is a bit of an abuse of that media type.

If I press F11 in my browser, my 17" monitor doesn't suddenly turn into 
a projector.

When I think of "full screen" I generally mean "make the page take up 
the whole screen -- hide the browser chrome", not "turn this web page 
into a slide-show."

Not that Opera's feature isn't useful: I'd just prefer it were called 
"Projection Mode" and not "Full Screen" to avoid this very confusion 
that you've called out in your message. Too late now though, I guess!

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