[whatwg] One document or two?

Sander Tekelenburg st at isoc.nl
Thu May 24 10:25:56 PDT 2007

At 17:56 +0100 UTC, on 2007-05-24, Nicholas Shanks wrote:

> Various people have expressed opinions in favour of either one spec to rule
>them all, or two specs for different audiences. Is not the simplest solution
>to have two views upon the same spec?

Yeah, that's the idea behind Simon Pieters' User Style Sheet:

It would be better if that wouldn't have to be such a hack though; if the
spec itself would be marked up to allow reliable targeting through CSS. (For
instance, Simon's CSS currently hides nothing at
which doesn't seem to be aimed at web publishers.) It would also be better if
that Style Sheet would be provided as an alternate, directly from the spec

I cannot judge how much work this is. But I think it would be very valuable,
because it would make it much easier for many people to review the spec,
which would lead to less confusion over what is meant, and thus easier

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