[whatwg] cross-domain scrollIntoView on frames and iframes

Boris Zbarsky bzbarsky at MIT.EDU
Thu Apr 9 06:36:49 PDT 2009

Jon Barnett wrote:
> Was it advertized?

Not particularly.

> I follow Firefox closely enough, but I don't remember when XPointer was supported.

If you only follow "Firefox", then you might not have have noticed it 
anyway.  XPointer support for anchor scrolling was added to Gecko in 
March 2003.  Firefox wasn't even called Firefox until about a year later.

Note that XPointer is only supported for anchor scrolling in XML 
documents (not XHTML ones, from what I can see) in Gecko, which is 
another reason no one's using it, I bet.

> Was it supported by other browsers?

No idea.

> It would be rare in the wild if it's only supported by Firefox.


> Do other browsers have easy scripting support for XPath?  

No idea.

> Except for the cross-domain iframe case, you could script support for 
> XPointer if the browser has decent support for XPath in Javascript.  I 
> know I've had instances where I wished for XPointer support. It may or 
> may not have had a fair shake.

It probably hasn't.


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