[whatwg] Comment about "6.11.8 Navigating to a fragment identifier"

David Bruant bruant at enseirb-matmeca.fr
Sat Jan 9 22:26:49 PST 2010


My comments refer to what is after the "the indicated part of the 
document" definition 

- There is a reference to the RFC3023 that may require a link to the 
reference section

- Step 4 of the algorithm begins with "If this step was not skipped". I 
am probably kind of niggling here (and I am sorry if it is the case), 
but, in my humble opinion, this beginning is not necessary.

- Step 6 : while there is not "the", I think that "indicated part of the 
document" should be a link to the definition of "the indicated part of 
the document".


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