[whatwg] A 'muted' event for the <video> element

Hay (Husky) huskyr at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 06:05:47 PDT 2010

Hi everyone,
i'm currently building a Javascript based interface for the <video>
element. One of the things that really seem to be lacking from the
specification (and hence, browsers too) is a distinct 'muted' event
that occurs whenever you set the muted property to 'true' or 'false'.
Of course, the 'volumechange' event occurs, but that also happens
whenever you set the volume so you have to check every time the event
occurs if it originated from a change on the volume or muted property.
Because these two capabilities of the <video> element have different
properties, it seems to make sense to let them trigger different
events too (or have the muted property trigger 'volumechange' as

-- Hay Kranen

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