[whatwg] namespaces in html5

David Karger karger at mit.edu
Sun Jul 17 16:13:36 PDT 2011

Dear whatwg,

   I wish to submit a comment regarding the (non) use of namespaces in 
html5.  But I hope you might help me track down the relevant issue off 
which to hang that comment.  Some time ago I found a lengthy discussion 
of whether html5 should use namespaces, with an over-simplified summary 
being "we haven't seen any important use cases for them, so let's not 
bother".  I would like to respond to that discussion by proposing a use 
case, but I cannot find it.  Searching the bugzilla database has failed. 
  Would you happen to recall participating in this discussion and know 
where it is?

David Karger

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