[whatwg] "adjusted current node" in

Michael Day mikeday at yeslogic.com
Mon Apr 15 19:24:34 PDT 2013


Recently the spec has been changed to introduce the concept of the 
adjusted current node defined in "The stack of open elements".

The intention seems to be to handle the case of setting innerHTML on a 
MathML or SVG element, and hence triggering the fragment parsing 
algorithm in a foreign content context. Since the <math> or <svg> 
element will not be in the stack of open elements, this would otherwise 
cause problems with child elements not in the right namespace, and CDATA 
sections not being parsed properly.

However, "The rules for parsing tokens in foreign content" 
still only refers to the current node, not the adjusted current node.

For example, the rules for parsing "Any other start tag":

> If the current node is an element in the MathML namespace, adjust MathML attributes for the token.

Since the current node in the fragment parsing case is still <html>, 
this will not have the desired effect.

Should this section be changed to refer to the adjusted current node?

Best regards,


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